Full details are available on Portuguese and English web site, which can be found here.   Routes, timings and fares may change at short notice, and in summer, extended evening services are available.

The Fleet

The service and the fleet were new in the spring of 2008.  The buses,  are modern, clean, air-conditioned, comfortable, easy-access and environmentally friendly.  Depending on the route, “mini” (c. 24 seats) or “medio” (c. 32 seats) buses are used.


Details can be found on the web-site  and on every bus-stop.

Services run from 0700 – 2000, on  Mon. to Fri. & Saturday forenoon.

On Saturday afternoon, Sundays & Holidays, a reduced service operates.

The Fares

There are two fare zones.

Zone A

Consists of Line 1, the city circular route; Line 2, the east to west, cross-city route from Meia Praia to Porto dos Mos; and Line 9, from the town centre to the “Technopolis”, the new school near “Continente/Modelo”.

Note that Routes 1 and 2 stop in front of the old Railway Station behind the Marina.

Zone B

Consists of all the “radial routes”, Lines 3 to 8, which link the outlying areas to the town centre.  These include:-  Torre; Sargaçal; Bensafrim; Colégio; 4 Estradas; Odiáxere; Lagos Zoo; Barão de S João; Espiche; Luz; Burgau.

Note that all of these routes stop on the Avenida, just over the Marina Footbridge.

Fare Structure

Full details of the fare structure can be found on here.


Multiple Trip Tickets

These need a re-chargeable card, purchased for €5.  The card itself remains valid for 5 years.  The card is then credited with the number of journeys you wish to buy, (minimum 10).

The tickets (only) expire after 12 months, but are re-validated if you later pay for a further 10 journeys.  In the event of a fare increase, all old credits must be used before the card can be re-charged.

One card can be used for any combination of passengers and journeys – e.g. 20 journey tickets credit could be used for 10 people x 2 journeys; 5 people x 4 journeys; or 3 people x 4 journeys, with 8 remaining.   Unused credits can be passed on to other visitors.

Cards can be bought and topped-up at the Bus Station, and these locations.

The Lines

There are currently 9 lines, each numbered and colour coded.  Every bus-stop is individually identified, sometimes just by the street name, but it may be named after a near-by location, a key building or a service.  Route listings and maps are pasted on every bus-stop.

Click on the map below to enlarge it.

Lines 1, 2 and 9 – City Services – Zone A

Lines 1(red) & 2 (blue)Line 1 (Red)   A “city-circular” route, going in a “figure-of-eight”, but in only one direction.  It starts and finishes at the old station behind the Marina. It is handy for “Finanças” if paying taxes, and for “Os Correios”, the main Lagos Post Office, if collecting parcels or registered post; and also for supermarkets.

Line 2 (Blue)   A two-way service which starts at Meia Praia, passes the old railway station behind the Marina, then passes close to Modelo and Inter Marché supermarkets, before dropping down to Dona Anna and Porto de Mós beaches.

Line 9 (Turquoise) – A recent addition, not shown on the map, going from the “Town Centre/Taxi Rank” to “Technopolis” a new school opposite Continente/Modelo supermarket.

Lines 3 to 8 – Country Services – Zone B

Lines 3 to 8

Lines 3 to 8 are more-or-less radial.

They start in the town and travel “out-and-back” to the different country areas.

In certain country areas, the route carries out little loops or circuits – so the bus may not return the same way it came!  What Fun!

All of the Country Lines stop on the Avenida, by the Marina footbridge.


For visitors, lines of particular interest might be:-

*Line 3, Pink, for the DIY supermarket at Odiáxere;

*Line 4, Yellow, for Luz and Burgau, with great options for “jump on/jump off” coastal walking;

*Line 6, Green, for Lagos Zoo and/or on to Barão de S. João for forest walks.

And all that remains is to wish you, “Boa Viagem!”