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In our “Local Contacts” pages, there are links to all the Public Transport organisations, many of which include computerised time-tables, booking services and payment facilities.


Most public transport facilities offer a discount to the over-65’s – usually 50%!  You will be required to enter the number of your passport or ID, and, as this will be printed on your ticket, you will need to have the same ID when you travel.  If buying a ticket in person, just ask “Disconto para idade, faz favor?” and show your ID or passport.

Bus Services – “A ONDA”

A-Onda-BusLagos Council sponsors a local service, primarily to help bring people into the town from the out-lying rural areas.  However, it also enables visitors to explore the surrounding country-side by travelling to the end of the line and exploring on foot – perhaps catching an alternative service for the return.

Line 1, Circular Route, visits all the essential facilities in the town – both of the markets, main post office, schools, all supermarkets, tax office, and even the two cemeteries.

Note also, that if you are a regular traveller, there are real benefits in having a “frequent user” card – and you can share one card between any number of users.

The “A Onda”web site is comprehensive, but as it is only available in Portuguese, we have produced a short summary of their service. This is attached as a separate paper. Please use this link to access it.


Eva-coachLocal coach services can take you to all parts of the Algarve region and most of Portugal at VERY low cost. The vehicles are modern, extremely comfortable and reliable.

EVA is the primary Algarve service, while Renex covers the whole country.

EVA has a link with the Spanish company, Damas, to provide a twice-daily service to Huelva and Seville.  It is about a 4 hour journey, but it makes a weekend trip possible for about € 30 per person.

Please click here for a link to the EVA Coaches web site. This takes you to the English version.

Please click here for a link to the RENEX coaches web site. This site is only in Portuguese.


Train-StationShown in the photo is the beautiful old station – with the modern, functional but stark version beyond it – both located directly behind the Marina.

Travel to Faro. There are excellent, reliable “Regional” train services to all stations between here and Faro, with 8 trains per day in each direction.

These are similar in style to UK “Suburban” services. It is a 90-minute journey to Faro and costs c. €8 – or just €4 for over 65s!

Travel to Lisbon.  At Tunes, 1 hour from Lagos on the line to Faro, you can connect to the newly electrified Lisbon line, served by the “Intercity” and “Alfa Pendular” companies.   Travelling 1st Class (or “Conforto”) – with aircraft-style seats and lots of leg-room – is well worth the small extra cost.

Depending on the operating company, there is either buffet car or seat-service with snacks and/or hot meals available.  This means the capital is only about 4 hours away from Lagos.

The rail company’s web site has an English language version and the procedure is very similar to booking and paying for an airline flight on-line.  ALL seats are reserved, but you can change these to catch an earlier train, up to shortly before departure time.

Please click here for a link to the Portugal Trains  (CP) web site.  This is the English language version.