Butane Bottles

Note that in Portugal, LPG is GPL; Propane is Propano; Butane is Butano.

We know of no way of getting non-Portuguese Butane bottles re-filled in the Algarve – though we do know of one yachtsman who asked at a GPL (LPG) garage for his blue Calor Butane bottle to be refilled – and received a fill of Propane. He lived to tell the tale – but he did check the weight of the fill!

Camping Gaz is widely available as an alternative, both here and throughout the Mediterranean, and this is the simplest option. Camping Gaz is sold at Sopromars, Sanipina (a garden center situated to the right of the market, just over the marina bridge) and I Nova, although prices vary.

Propane Tanks – Re-filling Foreign Cylinders

Note that in Portugal, LPG is GPL; Propane is Propano; Butane is Butano.

You should be aware that carrying any LPG (GPL) cylinders in an ordinary car is illegal in Portugal, and no taxi will take them as luggage.   If you are stopped by the police and your car is searched, you are liable to an on-the-spot fine of c. €120 – and perhaps more serious penalties. You are probably less likely to experience random stop & search procedures on the A22 motorway.  While we have never heard of anyone being caught with an  LPG (GPL) cylinder in a car – you should be aware of the risk.

At time of writing, 2014,the LPG (GPL) car filling station at Boliqueime has resumed filling foreign propane bottles.  We have confirmed that they can do (at least!) English (Calor), German and US bottles.

The filling station is near the EN 125, between Albufeira and Vilamoura – at a turning to the left (north) signed “Paderne” and “Boliqueime”.  Its position by GPS is 37º 07’.69 N; 08º 09’.56 W. (or in decimal degrees, 37.1281ºN; 08 .1593ºW).  If using the A22 motorway, turn off for Bouliqueime onto the EN 270, continue to a complicated roundabout with traffic lights.  DO NOT take the first right, signed for “Bouliqueime”, but go on 20 metres and turn right onto the EN 125 for Albufeira & Portimão.  Follow the small, blue “GPL” signs up the slight hill for c. 200 metres and turn north (right!), as above.  Carlos Pedro is the English-speaking owner and the garage is open 09:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. The phone number is 289 360 767.

Propane Tanks – Use of Local Cylinders

Note that in Portugal, LPG is GPL; Propane is Propano; Butane is Butano.

Otherwise, if staying in Portugal for some time, you could change over to a local supplier of Propane, buy the suitable fittings and rent a cylinder. As well as Galp, BP and Repsol are widely available here, while it may help that Repsol is also available in Spain.