Computer Services & Supplies

Just over the footbridge and straight on to the rear of the Bus Station, there is a computer shop on the right, called “INFORMÁTICO do BARLAVENTO”, who are very good for servicing and repairs but have a limited range of consumables.

“MICROLAGOS” is an alternative, with a wider range of consumables.  Up to “Lidl’s” roundabout, turn left, uphill 200 metres, then just before the next roundabout, turn left again, into a side road.

Also useful is “WORTEN”, the in-house electrical goods shop of the supermarket chain, “CONTINENTE/MODELO”.  They have a fair range of consumables – but can be pricey.  From the “Boat” roundabout, follow the dual carriageway uphill for about 1 Km.

Another option, for a wide range of computers and other office equipment, is to go to the very large “WORTEN” in the Portimão Retail Park.  It is 5 minutes’ walk from the railway station, with the Aqua Shopping Centre next door.

Alternatively, the Lagos Navigators have a Computer Users Group each Tuesday morning where local, friendly and knowledgeable advice is also available – see the What’s On section for details.

Mobile Telephones

Most people are aware of the high cost of using “Roaming” services on their mobiles.  Coin and credit card telephone boxes are available in the marina and around the town.

If you are staying in Portugal for a while, the “best buy” may be a local pay-as-you-go “SIM” card.

Wi-Fi & Internet Connection

The Marina provides a free service that covers all pontoons as well as their hotel and apartments.  Ask at the office for your individual password.  Be aware that this service is easily prone to overloading, if visitors start to watch TV on line and/or download videos on a regular basis.

If getting a good, reliable connection, with lots of band width, is important to you – perhaps because you need to maintain contact with your business activities – you might consider investing in one of the many “dongle” services from the local mobile phone companies. There is a good 4G signal in the marina and companies such as MEO TMN, Vodafone etc., offer contracts which will give good monthly download limits. If you go for a contract you will need a Portuguese bank account. To get a bank account you will need a fiscal number which is easy to acquire.

Alternatively, use “hot spots” around the Marina or the town, where the price of a coffee gets you connected.  Spinnakers Bar, Oasis and Lazyjacks and most other cafés provide a free Wi-Fi service and, if you are berthed near their aerial, you may even be able to connect from the boat. If you do connect to wifi services provided by bars and restaurants please remember that these services cannot be considered secure, so do not connect to your bank unless you have a VPN service on your device that you can use. Connecting to your bank via your mobile phone service (3G or 4G) is intrinsically more secure.