​Teak Deck Repair, Renovation & Recaulking

I came across a series of YouTube videos by Trish & Dougie MacDonald of S/V Orla, which cover in great detail how they approached the repair, renovation and recaulking of the teak decks. It is probably the best series of videos you are likely to come across if you are looking for advice on how to carry out such tasks. The following is reproduced with Trish & Dougie's very kind permission. You can follow the further exploits of Orla here:

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"Orla our Lafitte 44 Sailing Yacht, has been our home for 8 years. We now have a wee house in the North West of Scotland and Orla is out of the water for some long over due maintenance to her teak decks. Since buying Orla we have tried to do all the work that's involved in keeping a boat like this in tip top condition ourselves, which means asking other owners for advice, searching the internet for tips and tricks and how others have done some of the tasks. There is a huge amount of information out there on everything to do with boats you could imagine, some brilliant and some not so brilliant. So these videos I post are for others to find and hopefully help in some small way with a project they are trying to do on their own boat." Dougie MacDonald