Date: 4th December at 7:13 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

T2L and Proof of VAT Paid

With the continued uncertainty concerning the UK’s relationship with the EU, a number of UK sailing and cruising organisations have been advising members to check they have Proof of VAT Paid documentation or recommend that they apply for a T2L Form.

While not wanting to raise unnecessary alarm, these organisations have indicated that there may only be three months in which to apply for the necessary documentation, though this is by no means certain.

Members of the Cruising Association and the RYA can get the necessary information from their respective organisations, and there are some folks in the marina who have applied for a T2L who may be able to talk about the process.

For peace of mind, folks may wish to ensure they have Proof of VAT Paid (T2L) sooner rather than later, particularly as the Portuguese, Spanish and Greek Customs have sought such evidence over the past few years. It may be very important if planning to cruise in the EU for the next few years or a boat owner is planning to return to the UK after a blue water voyage, or from the EU, after March 2019.

As far is currently known, a T2L form will continue to be recognised by EU authorities after March 2019.