Date: 12th June at 8:06 am
By: ted.raven

I recently had Slick Hull in Portimao do some gel coat patching and bottom painting on my boat. I can’t say enough good things about the work that they do and the customer satisfaction goal of the owner, Vasile.

Gel Coat: I had previously made gel coat repairs of some scrapes on my hull but I could not get the color right, which is very difficult. Slick Hull did a fantastic job of matching the existing color and blending it in so that it looks great.

Bottom Painting: I have Copper Coat bottom paint that had been applied 3 years earlier and had stopped deterring bottom growth a couple of years ago. Vasile is the Copper Coat expert in the Portugal. He saw the problems that I was having and helped negotiate a warranty replacement (materials only) to my Copper Coat paint, which is the most expensive bottom paint. His team did a flawless job of reapplying this paint, which is notoriously finicky.

Customer Satisfaction: Vasile is the kind of guy that you have to not tell all of your problems to because he wants to fix them all, and he will not accept payment unless he has expenses or services that he needs to charge for. We were in the yard when the COVID pandemic hit. We ran out of propane and couldn’t get it refilled. Vasile got a friend to refill our American tanks despite the differences from the valve that is used in Europe. While in the yard, I wanted to replace some port lights. Vasile was able to sell them to me at his cost, which was a lot cheaper than everywhere else. After we launched and were at anchor Vaslie happened by while I was working on my outboard motor. I mentioned my problem and he called a mechanic and brought him to the boat immediately. The mechanic ruled out some issues for me and I was later able to fix it myself. Both Vasile and the mechanic would not accept payment for their time.

Vasile stressed that Customer Satisfaction is his main goal. At first I thought that he was just talking, but time and time again he bent over backwards to achieve this, and I can not say enough good things about his personal commitment and the quality of work at Slick Hull.