DIY & Hardware Shops

DIY Lagos“Bricolage” is D.I.Y. and usually refers to the bigger “B&Q” style of store. The nearest is IZI (pronounced “eesee”), 5 km along the EN125, heading towards Portimão, just past the first roundabout.  The A Onda bus, Line 3, Pink, serves the village and passes the door.

Drogaria(drog-ar-EEE-ah) is the name for a hardware store, and “I NOVA” (the “I” is sounded as “eee”, if asking for directions) is a favourite.  Their bigger outlet is on your “port quarter” at the Chairs roundabout, one level up. Their yellow and black sign is just visible in the photo, which was taken looking down the hill, towards the Marina.

Their original branch may be handier. It is at the top of Rua Infante de Sagres – that’s the pedestrian road beside the “Green Tiled Obrigado Building” off the War Memorial Square. Go up to (and past!!) “Aplauso Strip Club” and through the City Walls, then straight on, up to the roundabout, and it’s on your left.

A good Builders’ Merchant, “Ramires & Ramires” is 1 km on EN 125, heading towards Portimão, on the right, just past the BP garage and a small Garden Centre. You may have to buy larger quantities, as it is aimed at professional builders, but why not use our “For Sale” facility or the “Bulletin Board” to share your goodies with your fellow yachtsmen?

On the left of the Saturday Fruit & Vegetable Market, is a Garden & Smallholder Suppliers. They are signed “Co-op” and stock an “interesting” range of goods. Well worth a visit, if just to have a look around!

To the right of the bus station is a garden center called Sanipina, which stocks tools, Camping Gaz and generators.

There a number of bigger “B & Q” type of stores on the Algarve:

Foam & Upholstery

There are a number of local upholstery suppliers listed on our “Contacts” pages. The first is Antonio, is on Rua Vasco da Gama, just behind the Adega da Marina on the Avenida.  He has proved very helpful, speedy and accommodating – and he will sell you foam for self-installation. Cosmin got a rave review from a member, for his excellent quality of work; he is very friendly and helpful, too.