Lagos Marketfish market lagosThe main fish, meat and vegetable market is located just 300 mtrs along the “Avenida” the Avenida dos Descobrimentos.

There is also an alternative market, at Santo Amaro, on the short-cut walking route to or from InterMarché.

Farmers’ Market

For a supply of “real” fruit and vegetables, don’t miss the “Farmers’ Market”, held every Saturday forenoon, in the big shed just across the footbridge.

Great quality and great prices – and you are supporting the hard-pressed local farmers and small-holders.

One user reports, “Portugal offers some of the best honeys in the world and my research suggests that Medronho honey offers all the benefits of Manuka honey at less than a tenth of the price.  You can also be certain it is Medronho; whilst New Zealand produces only 1700 tons of Manuka, world-wide sales exceed 20,000 tons!!  Medronho honey has a unique taste which is not all sweet and I can only describe it as akin to the taste of burnt caramel.  It is now available from the beekeeper in the Saturdaymarket – but quantities are limited.”

Gypsy Market

On the first Saturday of each month, there is a “Gypsy Market” on the waste ground beside the Football Stadium, behind Pingo Doce.  All sorts of clothes, shoes, and tools are available, plus CDs and DVDs – but be aware that they may well be illicit copies.