Changes to Charts 25R11 and 25R12

Some of these changes may seem quite old – but a lot of Charts and Plotters are even older.  We hope you find them useful.

If you want to use the Portuguese Notices to Mariners to check your own charts, please see our separate information page.


November 2012 Posted by ROB of RU Sailing

Chart 25R11

FOUR NEW BUOYS SOUTH OF ALVOR – ‘Ocean Aquatic Revival Park’  

These positions are based on WGS 84 and are from the Notices to Mariners for Chart 25R11.

M1 – 37 05′.85N   008 34.84W  (Fl Y 3 secs)        M2 – 37 05′.85N   008 35′.09W (Fl Y 4 secs)

M3 – 37 05′.18N   008 34.84W  (Fl Y 5 secs)        M4 – 37 05′.18N   008 35′.09W (Fl Y 6 secs)

Caution – M2 is unlit, as at March 2014

Lagos Navigators Notes  Four Special Mark buoys have been positioned south of Alvor town to denote the ‘Ocean Aquatic Revival Park’.   Three ships have been sunk within this rectangle of special marks.  These are International Standard Special Marks of relatively heavy steel construction – all yellow paint, with the usual day mark of yellow cross, and lit flashing yellow at night. They are radar reflective.

The northern pair are sited just deeper that the 20m contour.  The southern pair are sited around the 30m contour. Charted depths are reduced to c. 20 metres over the wrecks and are no hazard to yachts.

However, it has become a popular location for divers, and a good look out is advised, especially as popular spots have already been seen to be marked with small red or white pellets, even when the dive boat is absent!


30 March 2013. Posted by Terry.   

Chart 25 R11


A new Fish Farm has been established off Porto das Mos (west of Ponta de Piedade) marked by 4 yellow “Special Mark” buoys.  All are lit and Fl 4 every 12 secs.

Positions are

A) 37º04,20’N / 008º41,72’W;  B) 37º04,20’N / 008º41,00’W;

C )37º03,40’N / 008º41,00’W;  D) 37º03,40’N / 008º41,72’W

Lagos Navigators Notes  Yachts should not go inside this rectangle, as heavy nets are strung between pellets in this position.  Do not be tempted to follow the work boat with the crane – he knows what he is doing!


SEPTEMBER 2012        Chart 25R11


This has been established and marked with 4 buoys in positions as follows:-

A) 37º 01.670´N / 008º 51.896´W                   B) 37º 01.565´ N / 008º 52.293´W

C) 37º 02.002´N / 008º 52.024´W                   D) 37º 01.813´N / 008º 52.506´W

Lagos Navigators Notes  These are in fact new buoys around a well-established Fish Farm to the east of Sagres, off Martinhal . There is no information on any lights being provided, but expect Flashing Yellow.   Take care and let me know if you find any!


MAY 2012                    Chart 25R12

FISH FARM – South West of Faro entrance; (Cabo de Santa Maria)

Five buoys have been anchored in a frame-work associated with marine aquaculture.

Four are Special Marks, in the following positions.

1)  36 º 56.09 ‘N / 007 ° 56.97’ W                     2) 36 º 56.93 ‘N / 007 ° 56.63’ W

3) 36 º 56.93 ‘N / 007 ° 55.53’ W                      4) 36 º 56.09 ‘N / 007 ° 55.19’ W

The fifth is a South Cardinal Buoy, in position 36 º 55.57 ‘N / 007 ° 56.00’ W.

Lagos Navigators Notes.    The four buoys define a “trapezoidal” area about 1 mile N to S and 1.5 mile E to W. They were highlighted for us by Paul Kent, on 21 May 2012. He reported that the buoys were in unusually deep water – about 70 metres – and at that time there were no obvious signs of nets or other moorings.  While it seems safe to pass north of the marked area, this could push you into the shallow patch described in February 2011. TAKE CARE!!


FEBRUARY 2011                    Chart 25R12

Cabo de Santa Maria – the Faro/Olhão estuary entrance.

A new shallow has been reported in the sandbanks to the west of the entrance, with a depth of 1.9 metres. It is 0.8 mile SW of the west mole – right where the 10 metre contour is charted.  See the chartlet below.

The whole river mouth was re-surveyed in 2010, for Chart 26311, and this shows depths in the mouth of the estuary of 34 metres, rising to 10.9 metres after 0.5 NM, and then dropping again to 40 metres – after just 0.1 NM.  This is a serious bank which creates breaking swell in SE winds

Lagos Navigators Notes   From the west, I suggest an approach to 36º 57’.00 N; 07º 54’.00 W; steer 090ºT to 07º52’.00 W; pick up the leading line of 352ºT towards the West Mole until you can turn parallel to the East Mole on 020ºT. From the east, go direct to 36º 57’.00 N; 07º 52’.00 W and proceed as above.


FEBRUARY 2011                    Chart 25R12

Ilha da Armona, east of Olhão.

Six new Cardinal Marks have been positioned to mark a PROHIBITED AREA, around a new research fish farm. The marks are all lit as standard for Cardinals, and have a range of 6 miles.

Lagos Navigators Notes   These buoys enclose an area some 4 miles by 1.5 miles, lying approx. 060º/240º, along and inshore of the 50 metre depth contour. There are numerous nets and moorings within this area.

NOTE!!  The WEST Cardinal, on the inshore corner, is on the 10m contour. It is 1.2 NM from the charted shoreline, but only 0.4 NM from the drying, changing, shoaling beach – that’s just 4 minutes away at 6 knots!   

Their approximate positions, taken by me from Chart 25R12, are as follows.

WEST C.M.     37º 00.30 N; 07º 46.90W               NORTH C.M.   37º 01.00 N; 07º 44.50W

NORTH C.M. 37º 02.00 N; 07º 42.20W                EAST C.M.       37º 00.90 N; 07º 41.70W

SOUTH C.M. 37º 00.00 N; 07º 44.00W                 SOUTH C.M    36º 59.25 N; 07º 46.30W

Our advice is, if heading for Tavira, Vila Real or Spain, stay well outside the 50 metre contour.


FEBRUARY 2011                   Chart 25R11 (& Port Chart 27502)

Alvor Estuary Buoyage

Nº 1;    Starboard Hand Pillar;           37º 07’.66N;    08º 37’.16W;   Fl G 3s 2M.;

Nº 2;    Port Hand Pillar;                    37º 07’.83N;     08º 36’.96W;    Fl R 3s 2M.;

Lagos Navigators Notes  These buoys, positioned inside the estuary in 2006, are liable to be re-positioned as the sand-banks shift. However, they will be reasonably near their original positions, as given below.  We recommend entering on a rising tide!