National Food-stuffs

United Kingdom – The three major supermarket chains, Pingo Doce, InterMarché, and Modelo/Continente, all have a limited (but increasing) range of UK brand names.

There is also a well-known “ALI” supermarket in Praia de Luz, called “Batista’s”, which always has a wide range of UK products. Catch the A ONDA bus – (Line 4 Yellow), just over the footbridge.

Further afield, Apolónia prides itself on its British Foodstuffs. It has two big stores at Galé (near Algarve Shopping at Guia) and Almancil – but you need a car to get there.

The large Jumbo supermarket in the Aqua Centre in Portimao, also has an isle with Waitrose products.

Germany.  Try Wini’s Bakery & Patisserie, 100 mtrs up from the Cultural Centre. The discount stores, Aldi and Lidl, have a wide range of economical brands, frequently of German origin.

Netherlands.  There is a mini-market on Rua Cabo de Bojador, the road opposite Lidls.

Russia.  Their mini-market is also on Rua Cabo de Bojador, the road opposite Lidls.

Spices.  There is a very good spice stall on the upper floor of the “Mercado” – the town market on the Avenida. There is also a good little Indian Mini-market, just down from InterMarché, on the “short-cut” route from the marina, (along Rua de Santo Amaro – where we live!).

Some tips!

* Marmite will often be found with the jams and spreads, not with sauces and gravies.

* The nearest to bacon is ca. 500 gr. pieces of Bacon Extra, “Toucinhos”, which can be machine sliced to suit you.

* Marmalade is “Doce da Laranja”, ie Orange Jam, (“Mermelada” is actually Quince Jelly!)

* We have also enjoyed Doce deTomate (Tomato Jam) and Doce da Laranja e Cenoura (Orange and Carrot jam)