There are many dentists around the town – all of whom are private practitioners. Here are a couple that visitors have used in the past:

Philippe Joseph. For his surgery, go to Lidls roundabout, turn left and it is on the ground floor of the second building on the left.

Dr Carolyn Ellison, whose surgery is in Rua Brigadeiro Costa Franco, behind Intermarché and the São Gonçalo Private Hospital.

A full list is maintained here (External Link).

NHS – Doctors, Hospitals & Health Centres

Portugal has an excellent “National Health Service” which is available to all.  The local hospital and health centre now usually ask for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC – was E111). Sometimes they also ask for your passport, so take both.

For non-emergency situations, the Health Centre – on the western edge of the town on the road to Sagres – is your first point of contact.  It has GP, analysis and treatment services, and it functions like a major UK Medical Centre.  If they do not have the analytical or specialist equipment needed, you may well be referred to a private operator, at no extra cost to you.

Private – Doctors & Hospitals

There are 2 private hospitals in Lagos; “Luzdoc”  and their hospital is in Praia de Luz and  “São Gonçalo Hospital” which is on the edge of Lagos itself, just behind Intermarché.

There are also some self employed GPs in the town – but they can be hard to find as they do not advertise their services.

Costs are generally about €55 to see a GP; about €11 per X-Ray; and about €65 for seeing a consultant – but be aware that specialists and consultants may only visit Lagos on a weekly basis.

This additional information about Sao Gonzalo Private Hospital was supplied in February 2015 by Marcus and Christina.  Many thanks!

   If you ever need medical consultation you can visit one of the doctors at the Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos ( The hospital has a 24-hour medical on-call service for acute illnesses and a range of good specialists of all medical fields.

  You will find the hospital in the Avenida Dom Sebastião, near to the big Intermarché (Map:!how-to-get-here/cxvz). To go there you can take the A Onda Bus, Line 4, which stops directly in the front of the hospital or you can go by foot, which will take you about 20 minutes walking, depending on how fit you are. There is also enough parking space if you go there by car.

   For any acute situations you can always go to the medical on-duty service (emergency) which offers a 24-hours service by different GPs. Most of them speak English very well and some even French and German. An on-dutyconsultation will cost you 55 € (2015) plus any additional expenses for special treatments, like x-rays or laboratory.

   If you do not have an acute sickness it is better to book an appointment with the GPs in advance which will reduce your waiting time and costs 45 €. The following GPs can be highly recommended for general purposes:

  • Dr. AnkeWiltinger, GP and Family Doctor, fluent in German, English, Portuguese:
  • Dr. Carvalho Costa, GP and Family Doctor, fluent in Portuguese, English, French:
  • Dr. Jean Louis Daquet, GP and Family Doctor, fluent in French, English, Portuguese.

   You can book a consultationwith any GP or specialist you wish to see by telephone to the reception desk, on Tell.: 800 224 424 (free of telephone charge).


pharmacie lagosThere are 5 main “Farmácias” in Lagos, marked with the “Green Plus” sign.  The one shown is at the foot of the road to the A&E Hospital.

These Farmácias also manage a rota system which gives an out-of-hours service, 7 days a week – though not necessarily 24/7 – publicised in each pharmacy

They all have qualified pharmacists who can give a “front-line” diagnostic service.  Note that although the “Technical Director” of the pharmacy is always shown as “Doctor Xxyyzz”, this is a courtesy title; they are qualified pharmacists, not doctors.

There are also some “Parafarmácias” in the town, which usually have a BLUE cross as their sign. (For example, there is such a unit within, but separate from, the main Intermarché supermarket).  They may have pharmacists on the premises for advice and guidance about minor ailments, but they cannot dispense prescription drugs.  They can be very handy for non-prescription items, anti-septic creams and pain-killers like “Paracetemol”, which cannot be sold in ordinary supermarkets or shops in Portugal.


Lagos Chiropractic Clinic has given an excellent service over the years.  The current specialist is Dr. Wen Oates. Languages spoken, apart from Portuguese and English, include some German and French.

The treatment rooms are close to Lidl’s.  It is the block on the left (with a Millennium Bank), before the Lidl’s roundabout, and the entrance is around the back of the building next to the coffee shop.

Call Eugenie on 282 768 044 to make an appointment.


There is a qualified Chiropodist – Owain Harris – with treatment rooms across the road from the Health Centre.  This up from “Chairs” roundabout and is off the main road (N125) going towards Vila do Bispo.  It is in the same unit as the very good Lagos Veterinary Clinic, Rua Tristão Cunha, Lote 48 R/C.  (i.e. on the ground floor of Building 48).  Tel 911 967 586.

 Veterinary Clinic

We have had very good reports of the service give to several dog and cat owners at this Clinic – and their pets appreciated it too.  It is in the same unit as the Chiropody Clinic, (see above for directions) in Rua Tristão Cunha, Lote 48 R/C.  (i.e. on the ground floor of Building 48). Tel.282 782 282

A recommended alternative is Cento Veterinaro Girassol, Estrada de Palmares, 8600 252 Odiaxer. Tel 202 799 268