Accident & Emergency – Key Points

* In any medical situation, SPEED is of the essence in getting guidance and assistance.

* Any organisation you call will want information about the nature, symptoms and seriousness of the situation.

* They will also want information about the casualty, their medical history and their next-of-kin.

* The emergency staff will speak English and are trained to help you, quickly.

* It is better if YOU make the initial call rather than Marina Reception or Security.

* Call (00351) 112 OR *7 112 from the Yellow Telephones, located beside all marina access ramps.


Marina Emergency Phone (next to access ramps),Normal Phone

Ambulance & Fire (Bombeiros),(Yellow) *7 113,(00351) 282 770 790

Hospital – Lagos – Public (A&E),(Yellow) *7 115,(00351) 282 770 100

Hospital – Luzdoc – Private (24 Hr),(Yellow) *7 114,(00351) 917 811 988

Hospital – São Gonçalo – Private (08 – 2400),(00351) 282 760 181

Police – Lagos – (PSP),,(00351) 282 762 930

Police – Maritime,,(00351) 916 613 519

Security Patrol (VHF Ch 09),Head Office – *7 116,(00351) 919 560 743

Accident & Emergency Unit

A & E Unit LagosThere is a small A&E unit located in the local hospital, down at the river mouth in Lagos.  It is on the narrow side street beside the church of Santa Maria, on the big “Henry the Navigator” Square.

The unit is in the one-way street system and the ambulance or taxi may have to take a devious route.

It is signed “URGÊNCIA”, and gives 24-hour cover for all immediate incidents and accidents.  Take your passport and EHIC.  Some money and/or a credit card are useful – see below re charges for treatment – though there is a “Multibanco” cash machine on the premises.

The main local hospital is in Portimão (20 minutes’ drive) where all major emergencies will be taken for treatment.

The two private hospitals both give A & E cover – Luzdoc for 24 hrs and São Gonçalo from 0800 to 2400, both 7 days per week.


bombeirosThe “Bombeiros Voluntários” is the Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Service.

It has some full-time staff but is mainly manned by trained volunteers for out-of-hours services. Their ambulances are white with red signage.

There is a small charge for using the ” Bombeiros” ambulances  for emergency call-out and/or for transport to hospital.  This is about the same as a taxi fare, and as they are a semi-voluntary organisation, it is always charged.

The yellow “INEM” ambulances are part of the NHS and are staffed by fully trained Paramedic Technicians.

Mobile Telephone Emergency Contacts – “ECE”

If you are unconscious, the rescue services, “Bombeiros Voluntários”, will look for your mobile phone and then search for an entry under “ECE”. This stands for “Em Caso de Emergência” and which means “In Case of Emergency”.

After “ECE” you should have entered your desired contact’s name – eg. Name: ECE – BARBARA O’BRIEN. Then enter the appropriate number, as normal, including any prefixes (eg. 0044 1482 842 038). The emergency service staff will then be able to call your nominated contact, let them know what has happened, and to which hospital you have been taken.

Translation Services

In a case of genuine emergency – perhaps an issue involving medical, police or government services – translation assistance can be obtained by telephone, from a Government office for “Immigration and Inter-Cultural Dialogue”, called “ACIDI”.

You can reach them by telephone, Monday to Friday; 1000 to 1800. They will then help to ensure understanding by all parties involved, perhaps by setting up a 3-way conference call.