Fuel PontoonThe Marina’s fuel pumps (and holding tank pump-out station) are on the seaward end of the reception pontoon, just in front of the replica caravel, Boa Esperança.  The hours of service generally cover normal working hours, but in low season, it may be necessary to call reception (VHF Ch 9) to arrange for staff to serve you.  Also note that ordinary credit cards are NOT accepted for fuel – only cash, Portuguese cheque, or American Express.

If practising your language skills when asking for fuel, take great care not to mispronounce the names.  Note that the Portuguese language uses accents to indicate emphasis and putting the stress on the correct syllable is critical. Get it wrong and the names of Petrol and Diesel sound very similar to Portuguese ears.

It may be simpler and safer to stick to English – but if you’re up for the challenge, here are some tips.

PetrolGasolinaNo accents; emphasise syllable before last. Gas-oh-LEE-na
DieselGasóleoAccent over the middle ó; emphasise it. Gas-OH-lee-o
ParaffinPetróleoAccent over the middle ó; emphasise it. Pet-ROH-lee-o
UnleadedSem ChumboNo accents; emphasise syllable before last. Seng CHUM-bo
Methylated SpiritsÁlcool MetílicoAccent over first Á and first í; emphasise themAL-cool Met-ILL-ico
Surgical SpiritsÁlcool EtílicoAccent over first Á and first í; emphasise themAL-cool Et-ILL-ico


If you have any security concern, your first point of contact would normally be via the Marina Reception, using VHF Ch. 09.  If necessary, the office staff will use their own VHF radio circuit to direct the Security Officers and/or the dock masters – “Os Marinheiros” – to go to your assistance.

The Marina provides 24-hour security cover with two professional, uniformed Security Officers present and on patrol around the Marina complex at all times.  Out of office hours the Security Officers monitor VHF Ch. 09 – the Marina’s working channel – so you are always able to contact them from your boat.

In addition, there are Yellow EmergencyTelephones at the foot of each access ramp, with speed dial codes to all the main emergency services.  These are also listed in our “Contacts” page for your information.

Water Supplies

Drinking from the pontoon water supply is a personal choice. There have been concerns expressed that the local water supply is high in Aluminium and is heavily chlorinated. Please make your own enquiries!

Weather Forecasts

Coastal Radio Faro has local aerials along the Algarve coastline.  After a warning on VHF Ch 16, they use Ch 10 or 12 for weather forecasts at 1000 & 1600 daily, in Portuguese and English.

Marina de Lagos monitors and works VHF Ch 9 and, in the high summer season only, the Marina broadcasts the local Met. Office forecast at 1000 and 1400.  Synoptic charts and Met Office forecasts are posted in the Marina office daily, throughout the year.  In addition, in the 9-month winter season Lagos Navigators run an informal Navigators Net on VHF Ch. 9, which includes a comprehensive weather forecast.

Note that few of the published forecasts take account of the “Nortada”, which can be N or NW, F. 4 to 6, from about 1300, especially if the gradient wind is northerly.