Fish Farms &Tuna Nets

An off-shore hazard on the Algarve coast-line is the existence of four fish farms consisting of sets of very heavy Tuna Nets.  These are charted and buoyed, sometimes with well-lit Cardinal Marks or possibly with “Special Marks” and weak lights.  Don’t be tempted to cut inside them, as the nets will really spoil your day!  One is to the east of Sagres; the second, and most recent, is to the south of Ponta da Piedade, on the approach to Lagos; the third is west of the Faro/Olhão entrance; and the final one is to the east of Culatra Island.   In summary, our advice is to keep outside the 50 metre depth contour and you will be safe.

In addition, three old warships have been sunk in Lagos Bay, south of Alvor town, as part of an Ocean Renewal scheme.  This covers an area about 1nm north to south and 0.25nm east to west.  It is marked with 4 “Special Marks”,  Fl 4 secs (yellow) though the north-west one has been unlit for over a year.   As they lie between the 20 to 30 metre depth contours, it is perfectly safe to sail through them.  Just don’t anchor, and watch out for the many anglers, as well as the regular dive boats, their marker pellets and their divers!

For full positions and additional guidance on all these hazards, click on this link to our Local Safety News   and also our note on Changes to Charts.  These are also accessible from the Home Page of our web site – go to the NEWS tab and then select Navigation.

We also keep an eye on Portuguese Notices to Mariners and use the web site to publicise any other Safety or Navigational information relevant to yachtsmen on the Algarve.  The link above will tell you how you can access the Portuguese Notices to Mariners directly, for speedy updating of your own charts; although it is in Portuguese, of course, the Notices are generally understandable.