I am sure you have all been bombarded with emails about GDPR compliance recently!

The legislation affects every website, so we have had to make changes and updates to ensure that we comply. We now have a Privacy Policy and have updated our use of cookies.

You can check what cookies any website sets, by running a check at http://cookie-checker.com/.

In order to keep this website as a safe place, we would like to assure registered users of the following:

  • We do not allow multiple aliases/user names.
  • User names are based on boat name and first name. This allows users to recognize who is contributing without giving away any personal information. So if there is a submission from: horatio.victory we have a very good idea of who they may be.
  • We no do not allow personal criticism of other users to be published.
  • We encourage the website content to be positive, helpful and constructive and reserve the right to delete offensive material.


  • We DO NOT allow Adsense or other forms of banner advertising which generate adverts based on your internet usage, as this allows widespread use of your information.

We do not show any other personal information on the web site and we will NEVER divulge email addresses to any third party.

If you would like to update your information, or report content deemed to be offensive -please email the Web Admin.

Thank you for continuing to support Lagos Navigators!