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    Apologies that this has been done to death and that I posted it as a buletin by mistake earlier today !. But I’m still struggling with the VAT situation and keep on getting a different answer to the same question. I’m planning to bring an old boat (1981) out there in the next month but have absolutely no history for the vessel at all – not even a bill of sale as the broker died and his company was dissolved before I could get any paperwork.
    I plan to stay in Lagos indefinitely but could do the 183 day thing if that helps me.
    Can anyone tell me:
    1. What I need to prove VAT status (if anything). This still baffles me as there is nothing at all that will prove that VAT has actually been paid on a boat this old and no-one has any legal requirement to keep a record.
    2. What about the engine tax ? If I can prove the age of the boat, am i exempt ?

    Sorry to ask the same old questions again !!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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