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    Notes from a discussion on the nature and future of the Lagos Marina VHF Net – Tuesday, 16th of December 2014.

    Background:- As there had been something of a hiatus of the twice weekly VHF Net, following Monday’s (15th of December) volunteer hosted Net, listeners and interested parties were invited to get together for a discussion at Spinnakers on the future of the VHF Net. This was proposed as one of a series of discussions to ensure that berth holders not currently here could share their views and have the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions. Discussions with the marina will be taking place to ensure their views are included and that the VHF Net continues to enjoy their support when Ingrid returns from her break.

    The Discussion:- A dozen interested folks joined the meeting. Those attending this discussion all saw value in the VHF Net continuing and, that in future, it may be extended to more than the current Monday and Friday broadcasts.

    Comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas included:-
    • Asking for more volunteers – Net Controllers bring their own personality to a Net, which is to be valued
    • Including a precise and short weather forecast
    • Not making the Net overly scripted – provide suggested bullet points and let the Net Controller decide how to handle the session
    • Asking New arrivals for an introduction – who they are, from where have they come and where next, for example?
    • Include a regular reminder about courtesy flags being in good order, and ensigns flown correctly
    • Include a regular reminder about Pontoon etiquette – i.e. dogs, bikes, trollies, equipment, etc.
    • Using low power for broadcasts, but high power when seeking to Break any transmission
    • Continue to update listeners on the social side of things, in particular new arrivals
    • Look for folks who may be prepared to share their skills to resolve issues
    • “Car with spare places to Faro” was cited as a good idea and very useful
    • Getting other nationalities engaged was something to be explored
    • Include Strollers walks and brief overview updates
    • Exploring the use of alternative VHF Channels, given 09 is the Marina’s working channel
    • Regular review sessions – monthly in due course, to continue to get feedback and new ideas

    In the short term an e-mail address has been set up for folks to find out about the Net, suggestions for inclusion, volunteering and who’s next, for example.


    The password to this e-mail account would be shared by those running, or looking to run a VHF Net, but would provide a way for all to share further ideas and suggestions. This is a short term mechanism until such a capability is built into the LagosNavigsators Web site and LagosNavigators Discussion Forums.

    All feedback welcome – please either use this forum or the e-mail address above.

    Further discussion forums will be announced as its important to get a wide range of views

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    VHF Net Discussions – 2nd discussion, 23/12/2014, Spinnakers Bar, Lagos Marina

    Following the invitation last week and on Monday’s VHF Net, a few folks came along to the Computer Users Group in Spinnakers to provide some further feedback on the VHF Net. Some 10 folks attended, many of whom offered some views and feedback, including some new arrivals.

    Feedback on the current VHF Net is generally positive and the topic headings, at this stage, seem to be working. No additional topics were suggested at this time, but as folks return from their Christmas and New Year breaks, we hope to get some more ideas. It appears that the current length of about 15 minutes or so is about right. The Marina’s recent arrivals spoke favourably of the Nets they have experienced in the Med and felt a Net here would be invaluable for cruisers arriving as the season gets underway. They only caught the latter part of Monday’s Net, so will be listening next week, and will provide their thoughts in due course.

    Rather than have a separate method for communicating contributions and ideas about the Net going forward (e.g. the separate e-mail address), the suggestion was put forward to explore whether it was possible to integrate activities concerning the VHF Net within the Navigators Web site. This will be explored with those who have been responsible for the Web site to date and those who contributed to its re-launch earlier this year.

    Conversation also touched to the respective roles of the Web site and the Navigators Forum, recognising that they serve different needs, but that a closer level of integration would be valuable and could be useful to explore. It was recognised that those who should be included in any discussion on this topic were not present, given that the future support, maintenance and development of the Web site is a little unclear at the present time. Contacts are being sought, and key figures identified, to see whether such a conversation has the support of those needed to take the discussion forward. Any developments in this regard will be communicated in due course by those involved.

    In the meantime, the VHF Net will continue in its current form and we will continue to seek feedback from cruisers over the coming weeks.

    A suggestion was also made whether an update to the Navigators Poster in Marina Reception would be of use so that it reflects the re-launched web site, and other information sources available to new arrivals. This will also be explored.

    Any comments, omissions or corrections welcome.

    Andromeda Of Plymouth


    A short meeting was held with Ingrid to make sure the VHF Net continues to meet the Marina’s requirements and to ask about the working channel.

    Ingrid said that continuing on Ch 09 works for them in that they need to maintain a listening watch anyway and are interested in what the Net is broadcasting by way of additional information. They will Break in if it’s necessary to talk to arriving or leaving boats, and are happy that there are regular breaks for folks to contact the office in the current broadcast. If traffic is busy, then a switch to an alternative ship-to-ship channel is fine for the Net’s duration, but they will ensure the Maritime Police have no objections should this ever be necessary. But they are interested in knowing what’s going on and events and activities being organised for the community.

    The timing, content and structure of the VHF Net is fine at this time.

    Publicizing the VHF Net to new arrivals is to be worked on and the Marina is planning some updates to it’s Facebook page to include a range of additional information and sources.


    I think the VHF Net is now working very well, and will continue to improve as time goes on, especially with the added opportunities for listeners to call in with offer of lifts to the airport and cries for help!
    I am aiming at further improvements to the website as soon as time allows! I will be away until 17th January, so on my return I can attend the next Computer Users Group, so we can start the discussions about possible improvements that members would like to see.

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