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    My wife and I are from Maine. We crossed the pond in 2014 and cruised northern Norway last summer and will do the Baltic this summer. We’ve spent the last two winters in Ipswch, UK.

    We are considering spending next winter in Lagos, arriving late Sept or so, then departing in April or May for Madeira then Bermuda and home.

    Needless to say we are concerned about Schengen (which is the main reason we’ve been wintering in the UK). We read Janet and David’s excellent article on this website. Since it was written in 2009 we would like to confirm whether 90-day extensions are still freely available in Portugal. Also, would we wait until we arrive in Lagos and then apply for the extension or should we try to do it in advance?

    Finally, does Lagos marina get full such that we need to make a reservation well in advance, or can we wait until our plans firm up, and then contact them?

    Thank you for any replies. I should add that this is the best cruiser’s website for a wintering port I’ve ever seen!

    Max Fletcher and Lynnie Bruce
    S/V Juanona


    Hi Max and Lynnie,

    I have forwarded your message to some friends from the US, who have stayed here this winter, and will better be able to advise about the Schengen issues. You shoudl get a reply either here or on your blog.

    Whilst it’s not possible to say what the situation will be next winter, there have been spaces over the last few winters so there hasn’t been a need to book in advance. I think there’s little risk in waiting. The marina used to run a scheme whereby there were incentives for booking early but sadly that ceased. It may still be worth contacting them to see if there is a deal to be had if you were to do that.

    If you choose to come here, it’s a decision that you won’t regret.

    Best Wishes
    SY Scrabbler


    Hi there Max and Lynnie,
    There are a number of non-Schengen nationalities here who regularly over-winter in Lagos and they seem to have navigated their way successfully through the process. Certainly they do not appear overly-concerned and have developed various ways of working with the system such as it is, so it should not be a major concern if planning to over-winter here.

    As James has said, a decision to stay in Lagos will not be regretted. An e-mail to the Marina in advance is certainly useful in terms of intentions and if you are members of a cruising organisation (OCC, Cruising Association, etc.) that will be useful in terms of berthing costs. If you leave it until you arrive, they will probably be able to fit you in somewhere.

    Have a good summer season and maybe we will catch up later in the year! Lagos is not known as “port velcro” for nothing!!

    Kind regards,
    SY Andromeda of Plymouth

    (PS Thanks for the comments about the web site)

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