Date: 30th November at 10:09 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

Festive Seasonal Songs on the Pontoons

The annual Lagos Marina “Festive Seasonal Songs on the Pontoons” is planned for Saturday, 16th of December, to raise funds for those disadvantaged.

For those wishing to participate, please meet in the Marina Hotel Bar at 4:30pm for a run through of the songs, followed by a gentle meander around the pontoons and one or two of the marina bars, starting around 5:30pm.  A couple of musicians will accompany the singers!

All the wandering minstrels, singers and troubadours are invited to a special treat after the event.

Funds raised will be passed to charities recommended by those involved – last year the funds raised, €255, went to The Bombeiros and the local Children’s Home, courtesy of the Marina. In past years funds have also gone to Riding for the Disabled.

Compliments of the Festive Season!