Mexican Train Domino’s

Mexican Train Domino’s will now move to Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm, In Madness.


Mexican Train Domino’s – proposed day change

Dear players,
The hotel has informed me that they have a series of golf groups visiting the hotel over the coming weeks and they will be using the Hotel Bar for a series of early evening events on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. This would mean an 8pm start for the game on Monday’s from now on.

It is suggested that the Mexican Train Domino’s are moved to Tuesday, when the bar is not being used, and start at 7pm as usual – an 8pm start seems a little late given the typical length of the game. As many players are also Strollers, Tuesday is the suggested day.

Please let me know your thoughts – I will also announce on Monday’s Net the proposed revised day and ask for thoughts.