T2L and Proof of VAT Paid

Date: 4th December at 7:13 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

T2L and Proof of VAT Paid

With the continued uncertainty concerning the UK’s relationship with the EU, a number of UK sailing and cruising organisations have been advising members to check they have Proof of VAT Paid documentation or recommend that they apply for a T2L Form.

While not wanting to raise unnecessary alarm, these organisations have indicated that there may only be three months in which to apply for the necessary documentation, though this is by no means certain.

Members of the Cruising Association and the RYA can get the necessary information from their respective organisations, and there are some folks in the marina who have applied for a T2L who may be able to talk about the process.

For peace of mind, folks may wish to ensure they have Proof of VAT Paid (T2L) sooner rather than later, particularly as the Portuguese, Spanish and Greek Customs have sought such evidence over the past few years. It may be very important if planning to cruise in the EU for the next few years or a boat owner is planning to return to the UK after a blue water voyage, or from the EU, after March 2019.

As far is currently known, a T2L form will continue to be recognised by EU authorities after March 2019.



Troubadours on the Pontoons! 12th Dec.

Date: 1st December at 11:04 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

On Wednesday 12th of December it is planned to have the annual pontoon xmas songs to raise funds for those less fortunate – last year we raised an amazing 400Euros from folks in the marina and in the bars.

The plan is to meet at Madness around 4pm to run through the songs, before heading off along the pontoons and marina bars around 5-5:30pm. We usually finish around 7pm.

All are most welcome to join the Troubadours – really poor weather may lead us to reconsider the venture, but we hope it will be fine. Fine hats, flashing lights and a great sense of humour is all that’s required!



Secret Santa – the “Rules”!!!

Date: 1st December at 10:58 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

Secret Santa Treasures & The White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Friday, 21st December, 5:30pm, Madness

Each participant supplies one wrapped gift (couples are allowed, but there is more fun if there are more treasures!!!).

Cost per gift is approx €5.

The gifts are placed in a central location, and participants determine in which order they will take turns selecting them based on tickets provided to each participant, having been randomly shuffled.

The first person opens a wrapped gift, which now becomes a “treasure”, and the turn ends.

On subsequent turns, each person has the choice of either unwrapping a new gift or to “steal” another’s already opened treasure; if they do, they give the person who’s treasure is stolen their ticket.

When a person’s treasure is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open, or can “steal” a treasure from another participant. However, to prevent it becoming an endless loop, there can be only one “steal” per turn.

Each treasure can only be stolen twice. After a treasure has been stolen twice it cannot be stolen again so remains with the current owner.

The event is over when all the gifts are unwrapped and everyone has a treasure; whether they will treasure the treasure and treasure it, or not, will remain to be seen.

Prizes will be awarded for the most elegantly presented gift, and for the most innovative/funny/odd/imaginative treasure provided – the judges will be announced at the start of the event, and the judges decisions will be final…………………. unless suitably induced to reconsider!!

Above all, have fun!!!


Music Group – Saturday, 8th December

Date: 30th November at 7:11 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

For a variety of reasons the next Music Group session will be held on Saturday, 8th December, in Madness.

The session starts at 7pm.

All singers, musicians, dancers and music lovers are most welcome!


2018 Boat Xmas Decoration Contest

Date: 26th November at 7:12 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda


Let’s dress up our boats and get ready for Christmas! 

The decorations must show throughout the month of December.

If your decoration has lights, please light them up every night. And remember, there is no such thing as too many lights!! 

The marina’s staff will vote to choose the best decorations. Special prizes will be given at the proportion of 1 for each 5 entries.

Results announced on January 6th, Three Kings Day.


Music Night – 23rd November

Date: 21st November at 8:27 pm
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

The next Music Night will take place on Friday, 23rd November in Madness, starting at 7pm.

Please do drop by if you like to sing a song, play an instrument at any level, or even dance a little.

All musical styles welcome and all most welcome.



‘Kleen Breeze’ Stolen From Culatra

Proa 'Kleen Breeze' Stolen From Culatra

The 20-m Harry Proa KLEEN BREEZE built by Robin Warde who sadly disappeared from his boat in December 2017 has been stolen from her anchorage at Culatra with chains cut on Monday, 11 November 2018.

In case the boat is seen anywhere in Portugal, Spain or Morocco please inform the authorities. A diver was seen on 13 NOV trying to recover her anchor. Apparently the chain had been cut and anchor left behind. Case has been reported to the Maritime Police.

In case the boat is seen anywhere in Portugal, Spain or Morocco please inform the authorities.

The case has been reported to the Maritime Police. Any information on the whereabouts of this boat are welcome.

Would you be kind enough to publish this on your website?

Many thanks,

Bernhard Sobotta


Notice From Marina Office

Received from Marina Office

Dear Guests,

We inform you that due to maintenance on the reception office, the electricity supply will be interrupted
from 13:00 on the 15th November 2018 until 16:00 which will affect the fuel supply and the operation of the bridge in this period.
Please accept our apologies for the any inconvenience caused.

Secret Santa!!!

Date: 10th November at 7:42 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

This years Secret Santa will take place on 21st December in Madness!

This is a experience not to be missed!

It will start at 5:30pm. There will a small cover charge for the food!

Please spend no more than 5Euros on your gift – there are some rules which will be explained on the day – but don’t worry they are easy to understand. An imaginative gift is all that is needed – last year saw rubber chickens and boxes that proclaimed hair dye!!!!

See you all there!!!



Music Night – 9th November

Date: 1st November at 5:30 pm
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

We plan to hold a Music Night on Friday, 9th November in Madness, starting at around 7pm. All musicians and singers and dancers and those interested in music are most welcome.

Due to the availability of those interested and available venues, this will be the first of a series at Madness, if the event goes well.

Music Nights are usually a jam/craic session, much like Irish and Scottish venues, where everyone is welcome to play and sing, whatever the experience and whatever the musical genre.

For more information, please catch up with Andrew on Andromeda, F44.

Hope to see many of you there!!!


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