Karting – 12th January

Date: 11th January at 11:09 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

A karting event is planned for tomorrow, Friday, 12th January – apologies for the short notice – please let us know if interested, by 10:30 am, Friday morning so transport can be organised.

It is planned to leave the marina at 2pm from Pontoon Gate E/F.

The cost is 47Euro’s per person. The event is structured along F1 lines – 10 minute timed practice, then a grid is made up, based on lap times, for a 20 minute race.

Bubbly, photo’s and accolades for the winners and ladies are most welcome!!!



Airport Transfers

Date: 6th January at 4:19 pm
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

A couple of fellow cruisers have reported a few challenges of late with their airport transfers, most recently David Reed (Tiarri VI).

Before choosing one of a number of companies offering this service it’s worth checking with fellow cruisers their own experiences, as previously reliable services can, and do, go awry at times.

A new company offering airport transfers has been added to the Airport Transfer list under the Transport drop down menu.


Drawing Class – 15th January

Date: 5th January at 11:24 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda


15th January, 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m.,  Marina de Lagos Gallery, behind Cafe J

Always wanted to know how to draw? Join a Marina de Lagos Art Academy drawing class and learn the basics or perfect your drawing skills. The session is suitable for all levels of ability, including beginners.

For more information, visit the Art Academy’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/lagosartacademy .

Please register at Marina Reception; the cost is 5,00 Euro per person. If you have your own materials, please bring them along to the session. Easels are provided.

This is part of the Marina’s 9 Events for 9 months


Karting – Portimao Autodromo

Date: 29th December at 9:54 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

Interested in Karting? Let us know as some folks are keen to set up a karting event at the local autodromo near Portimao, probably next week – the session involves a time trial, followed by a race, F1 style grid, with bubbly for the winner and accolades for the top three and pictures of the key events available.

Let us know if you are interested.


New Years Day Swim – 11am

Date: 29th December at 9:53 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

New Years Day swim – yes, some cold water afficionados are planning a New Years Day dip at 11am – please meet at Linda’s Bar if you would like to have a dip or simply observe a little madness.

If possible please bring along a plate of nibbles and something warming to drink for a brief social as the dippers warm up.


Festive Songs on the Pontoons – Amazing

Date: 18th December at 11:11 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

The Troubadours on the Pontoons with their festive songs raised well over 300 Euros on Saturday evening so a huge thanks to all who supported the endeavour.

The funds raised, plus those from the copper jars, bottles, bags and other donations, means an incredible 400Euros will be shared between the Bombieros and the local Children’s Home.

Once again, a huge thanks for everyone’s amazing and wonderful generosity.


New Years Day Swim

Date: 16th December at 12:33 pm
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

New Years Day swim – yes, some cold water afficionados are planning a New Years Day dip at 11am to greet 2018 in style – please meet at Linda’s Bar if you would like to take part or simply smile at some folks madness.

Naturally anything warm (food or drink) will be most appreciated by those taking a dip!!



Festive Songs on the Pontoons – 16th Dec

Date: 30th November at 10:09 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

Festive Seasonal Songs on the Pontoons

The annual Lagos Marina “Festive Seasonal Songs on the Pontoons” is planned for Saturday, 16th of December, to raise funds for those disadvantaged.

For those wishing to participate, please meet in the Marina Hotel Bar at 4:30pm for a run through of the songs, followed by a gentle meander around the pontoons and one or two of the marina bars, starting around 5:30pm.  A couple of musicians will accompany the singers!

All the wandering minstrels, singers and troubadours are invited to a special treat after the event.

Funds raised will be passed to charities recommended by those involved – last year the funds raised, €255, went to The Bombeiros and the local Children’s Home, courtesy of the Marina. In past years funds have also gone to Riding for the Disabled.

Compliments of the Festive Season!


It’s Secret Santa Time – 7th December

Date: 28th November at 10:01 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

Secret Santa Treasures & The White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Thursday, 7th December, 5-7pm, Madness (with Happy Hour prices)

Each participant supplies one wrapped gift (couples are allowed, but there is more fun if there are more treasures!!!).

Cost per gift is approx €5.

The gifts are placed in a central location, and participants determine in which order they will take turns selecting them based on tickets provided to each participant, having been randomly shuffled.

The first person opens a wrapped gift, which now becomes a “treasure”, and the turn ends.

On subsequent turns, each person has the choice of either unwrapping a new gift or to “steal” another’s already opened treasure; if they do, they give the person who’s treasure is stolen their ticket.

When a person’s treasure is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open, or can “steal” a treasure from another participant. However, to prevent it becoming an endless loop, there can be only one “steal” per turn.

Each treasure can only be stolen twice. After a treasure has been stolen twice it cannot be stolen again so remains with the current owner.

The event is over when all the gifts are unwrapped and everyone has a treasure; whether they will treasure the treasure and treasure it, or not, will remain to be seen.

Prizes will be awarded for the most elegantly presented gift, and for the most innovative/funny/odd/imaginative treasure provided – the judges will be announced at the start of the event, and the judges decisions will be final, unless suitably bribed.



Date: 8th November at 11:00 am
By: andrew.susan.andromeda

For those interested in learning how to play this venerable game from the Far East, please come along to the Marina Hotel Bar at 1pm on Sunday, 12th November. New players always most welcome and you will be gently guided into the experience.

Learn all about Pungs, Kongs, Chows, Dragons, Winds, Flowers, Seasons, Twittering Sparrows, and all sort of other interesting stuff – the game is played with a set of tiles.

While quite straight-forward to pick up, it does lead to some fiendish complexity and strategy as experience grows, as you aim for the highest scoring hands – fun, nonetheless.


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