Yoga – Cancelled Until Further Notice

Madness is shutting from Sunday. They are not sure when they will reopen again, it will depend on the Covid restrictions. So all Yoga sessions will be cancelled until further notice.


Health Centre Registration


Our next video instruction yoga session will be at Madness Bar (side room) on Tuesday 13th October at 11.15am. Due to Covid-19 restrictions numbers are limited therefore if you want to join in please let me know via messenger (Val Burke) or email Before committing to attend could you review the notes below:

  • this is not an instructor based session, merely following a selection of yoga DVDs,
  • there will be a small donation for each session (circa €2 per person) to thank Madness for letting us use their venue,
  • attendees will be responsible for their own social distancing and equally responsible for leaving the venue as found,
  • if you opt to attend and subsequently have to cancel,please let me know so that someone else may take your place

Val Burke


Ayamar Chandlers – Flares Update

Hi everyone,

Finally, we can now sell flares from the shop in Ayamonte.  Anyone wishing to come, make sure you bring your ID and boat papers!  Just to make sure we have them in stock, email us or phone us to check!  Hope you’re all keeping well and look forward to seeing you soon! 
Diane and Lorie from Ayamar!

For more information please contact us:

Slick Hull Services

Date: 12th June at 8:06 am
By: ted.raven

I recently had Slick Hull in Portimao do some gel coat patching and bottom painting on my boat. I can’t say enough good things about the work that they do and the customer satisfaction goal of the owner, Vasile.

Gel Coat: I had previously made gel coat repairs of some scrapes on my hull but I could not get the color right, which is very difficult. Slick Hull did a fantastic job of matching the existing color and blending it in so that it looks great.

Bottom Painting: I have Copper Coat bottom paint that had been applied 3 years earlier and had stopped deterring bottom growth a couple of years ago. Vasile is the Copper Coat expert in the Portugal. He saw the problems that I was having and helped negotiate a warranty replacement (materials only) to my Copper Coat paint, which is the most expensive bottom paint. His team did a flawless job of reapplying this paint, which is notoriously finicky.

Customer Satisfaction: Vasile is the kind of guy that you have to not tell all of your problems to because he wants to fix them all, and he will not accept payment unless he has expenses or services that he needs to charge for. We were in the yard when the COVID pandemic hit. We ran out of propane and couldn’t get it refilled. Vasile got a friend to refill our American tanks despite the differences from the valve that is used in Europe. While in the yard, I wanted to replace some port lights. Vasile was able to sell them to me at his cost, which was a lot cheaper than everywhere else. After we launched and were at anchor Vaslie happened by while I was working on my outboard motor. I mentioned my problem and he called a mechanic and brought him to the boat immediately. The mechanic ruled out some issues for me and I was later able to fix it myself. Both Vasile and the mechanic would not accept payment for their time.

Vasile stressed that Customer Satisfaction is his main goal. At first I thought that he was just talking, but time and time again he bent over backwards to achieve this, and I can not say enough good things about his personal commitment and the quality of work at Slick Hull.


Private Doctor, gen med & orthopädics

Date: 20th May at 10:46 am
By: Herry.MyWay

We visited several times a private doctor at Portimao. We are very satisfied and want to recommand him. He is German but he speaks english and portugues too. His name is Dr. med. Michael Scheuber.


Message From Ayamar Chandlers

Hi Everyone

The shop in Ayamonte has re- opened for business; however, compliant with Spanish law, customers can visit the premises only after an appointment has been arranged, and protective face coverings must be worn. But you do not have to visit the shop in person to purchase supplies, we can dispatch any orders to you via our courier service. The free delivery runs coordinated by Gary to the Algarve and Spanish marinas and boatyards will re-commence as soon as possible.

We are operating the shop with off-season hours (Monday to Saturday 10 til 3), but you will be able to make orders and purchases via the website, by email or by phone

T: 0034 959470814; M: 0034 619 653 099

The website has yet to be fully stocked, and so you may need to email/phone orders through if you don’t see what you want on-line; you can view/download the catalogue from the website.

As you may know, I am back in the UK, and I took up my previous post as Consultant Psychologist in the NHS as soon as the call came out from the UK Government. It is unlikely that I will be able to relinquish those responsibilities for some time (mental illness is likely to increase rather than decrease in the coming months). I anticipate that it will be towards the end of the year when I will be able to return to Spain and Portugal. In the mean time I am relying totally on Diane, John and Gary (and now Laurie who is a new member of the team) to run the business. They are doing a great job.

Keep looking after yourselves and be sensible, as will we. Our thoughts continue to be with all of our friends and colleagues whose lives, livelihoods and businesses have been adversely affected by Covid 19.

Best wishes



Date: 6th April at 9:21 am
By: paul.sula

One bed apartment in Praia da Luz. airconditioned,underfloor heating,car park,fully equipped kitchen,from ,500 euros per month.

Call Paul 917230727


Ayamar Nautico – Message From Kevin

Hi everyone,For those of you who don’t know, I am back in the UK to take up my Consultant post in the NHS from which I retired last year to do my bit for Blighty.I watch the news every day like everyone else and I follow events in Portugal and Spain – it seems that things are more acute in Spain, but I understand that lock down is in operation in Portugal as well. I am assuming that we are all in the same boat (or vessel if you prefer!)I’m sorry that we are unable to operate at the moment; even if we were to take orders on-line, we have no facility to get to the stock to dispatch, so please bear with us.I have fantastic staff and I am sure that we will be open for business stronger than ever once this crisis is over, and we will work hard to get stuff to you so that you can crack on as normal with your boat maintenance/enhancements.I predict that I will be needed back here for another six months at least, so when Ayamar starts trading again, it will be Diane, Marcha and John who will be steering the ship (with me blasting orders from afar).From the Ayamar team, we wish you all well, and we’ll see you once we have steered our course through this unpredictable storm.Take care.Kevin

Ayamar Nautico & Covid 19

ayamar nautico

Hi Everyone,First of all, barring staff absences, the shop will be open in Ayamonte as usual. I am unlikely to be able to get back to Spain and Portugal from the UK myself, and so I am relying totally on Marcha, Diane, John and Gary, therefore opening times may change; any changes will be posted on the shop door/windows, and I will try to keep you up to date via this forum. I am lucky enough to be with my daughters here in the UK, so I am not complaining; given the choice I would rather be stuck here at home with the girls.It looks like there will be difficulties crossing the border between Spain and Portugal; however, as it stands, we are still able to deliver across the Algarve and Spanish Atlantic coast. We haven’t experienced any delivery difficulties ourselves (from suppliers), but of course, things are changing rapidly and those changes are difficult to predict.For now, please assume that we will continue to make deliveries every Thursday (Spain) and Friday (Portugal), and Gary will be the delivery driver for these. I am assuming that, in the interests of some essential trading between countries, bonafide delivery companies will be allowed to operate as usual (but, don’t quote me on that). If that is the case, and we are unable to deliver items ourselves, then usual delivery charges will apply through our delivery partners.We are working hard to get stock uploaded to the website, but for now, if you visit the site (, you will be able to glance through the 2019 catalogue (there is a link to pdf document) and order by email or phone (email preferable given the uncertainty about the shop being staffed). Whilst all of the commotion is going on, we will continue to sell stock at 2019 prices until further notice.Look after yourselves and be sensible, as we will be. Our thoughts are with all of our friends and colleagues whose businesses are being affected significantly by Covid 19. Best wishesKevin

 Av. De Andalusia 31

21400, Ayamonte

Huelva,  Spain


T: 0034 959470814; 

M: 0034 619 653 099E:


ayamar nautico

Huelva,  Spain


T: 0034 959470814; 

M: 0034 619 653 099E:


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