Most of the local rules and requirements for equipment are common sense and will be familiar to anyone who has used the RORC standards. In Portugal, requirements are laid down for 5 broad categories of yachts and yachting:-

TitleOceanOffshoreCoastalCoastal (restricted)Inland
Distance Offshore?AnyTo 200 nmTo 25 nmTo 6 nmEstuary or river
Distance from Safe Haven?------Up to 60 nmUp to 20 nmLess than 3 nm


TitleOceanOffshoreCoastalCoastal (restricted)Inland
Bilge pumps2 (1 Man)2 (1 Man)2 (1 Man)2 (1 Man)1 (Bailer)
Fire Extinguisher - 2 Kg *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *
Fire Extinguisher - 1 Kg #1 or 2 #1 or 2 #1 or 2 #1 or 2 #1

Notes: Fire Extinguishers cannot be Halon or CO2.

* The 2kg is a fixed, automatic extinguisher in the engine space.

# If the galley is separate from the saloon, each requires a 1kg extinguisher.

Safety (cont.)

Flares - Parachute64320
Flares - Hand-held Red44322 ( if at sea)
Flares - Smoke21110
Life buoys (LOA 5-9m)1 + 30m line1 + 30m line1 + 30m line1 + 30m line1 + 30m line
Life buoys (LOA 9-15m) ADD1 + light1 + light1 + light1 + light1 + light
Life Buoys (LOA 15-24m) ADD2 either2 either2 either2 either2 either
Life Jackets1/person1/person1/person1/person1/person
Life-line /Harness/Hooks33300
Life raft (For all crew)111Or tender0
Life raft - auto-release>15m? Yes>15m? Yes000
Thermal Protection (TPA)33000


Compass; Magnetic1(Dev < 5º)1(Dev < 5º)1(Dev <5º)11
Compass; Hand Bearing11110
Charts; Pilots. (Current area, updated & accurate)YesYesYesYesNo

Electronic Aids

EPIRB 406 or InmarsatYesYesYes or 121.5NoNo
Radar ReflectorYesYesYesYesNo
Receiver - Navtex/InmarsatYesYesNoNoNo
Receiver - HFYesYesNoNoNo
VHF Fixed (DSC type)Yes (B; D)Yes (B; D)Yes (B; D)Yes(B;D;F)No
VHF PortableYesYesNoNoNo


Boarding LadderYes, if F/bd above 0.5mYes, if F/bd above 0.5mYes, if F/bd above 0.5mYes, if F/bd above 0.5mYes, if F/bd above 0.5m
First aid kit (See rules)Kit AKit AKit BKit BKit C
Mooring, Towing WarpsYesYesYesYesYes
Round-end knife;YesYesYesYesYes
Signalling mirrorYesYesYesYesYes
Spare navigation bulbsYesYesYesYesNo
TenderNoNoNoYes if no l/raftNo