Next Saturday, the 27th October, which marks Lagos Municipality, a Mass and a Procession will be held in honor of the patron saint of Lagos, “S. Gonçalo”. Therefore, as requested by several entities, Port Authority, Doca Pesca and Lagos Town Hall, the operation of the pedestrian bridge will be interrupted between 10:30 a.m. and 1:10 p.m..

Moreover, any boat circulation along the canal will not be allowed during the same schedule.

Please contact the Reception through +351 282 770 210 or VHF 09, before moving your boat and for further information on this event.

Recepção/ Reception
Marlagos – Iniciativas Turísticas, S.A.
Marina de Lagos – Edifício da Administração
8600-315 Lagos Algarve – Portugal
GPS 37° 06′ 27”N / 8° 40’26 W