Hi everyone,For those of you who don’t know, I am back in the UK to take up my Consultant post in the NHS from which I retired last year to do my bit for Blighty.I watch the news every day like everyone else and I follow events in Portugal and Spain – it seems that things are more acute in Spain, but I understand that lock down is in operation in Portugal as well. I am assuming that we are all in the same boat (or vessel if you prefer!)I’m sorry that we are unable to operate at the moment; even if we were to take orders on-line, we have no facility to get to the stock to dispatch, so please bear with us.I have fantastic staff and I am sure that we will be open for business stronger than ever once this crisis is over, and we will work hard to get stuff to you so that you can crack on as normal with your boat maintenance/enhancements.I predict that I will be needed back here for another six months at least, so when Ayamar starts trading again, it will be Diane, Marcha and John who will be steering the ship (with me blasting orders from afar).From the Ayamar team, we wish you all well, and we’ll see you once we have steered our course through this unpredictable storm.Take care.Kevin