by Larry.venture
Published: 30th April (3 weeks ago)

I am selling our Lofrans Tigres windlass; 1200 watt.  Asking only 100 Euros.
This windlass works great but is at the stage where it needs a slight rebuild and refinishing. I recovered this windlass initially 15 years ago off a sailboat wreck in the Canadian Great Lakes (fresh water), and rebuilt it myself. It comes with 150 feet of 3/8-inch chain, control box, and manual crank handle. To get this windlass back into prime condition it needs:
– It has never had the backup manual portion working, so that needs addressing. I’ve never needed it, and never made the effort to repair that feature;
– one of the side seals is leaking under heavy load, so needs new seals;
– the chain-stripper needs to be ‘redone’ either by welding on a new mount, or configuring some other method;
– It requires the outside to be refinished by either anodizing or painting.

The motor is fine. I had new bearings and brushes installed a few years ago and the commutator cleaned.
I am replacing it within a few weeks with a new Tigres. If interested, you can come and see it working on my boat before I remove it.