General Notes:

1. Restricted opening hours are shown by:-
*  denotes closed on Mondays.
**   denotes closed Mondays and Public Holidays.

2. Many of the local authority facilities offer a discount to the over-65s. Ask, “Disconto para idade, faz favor?” and show passport or other ID.

** Fortaleza - Forte Ponta da Bandeira

This is a small fort at the mouth of the river. It was built in the 17th century as part of the city defences and it retains many original features.

It also has a small museum dedicated to the “Discoveries” – the journeys of the early navigators and explorers.

There is a small entry charge.

** Museu Municipal - São Antonio Church

Museu MunicipalArmazemThis museum is in the converted church of São Antonio. In the photograph on the right, the darker spire is just visible, behind the parish church of Santa Maria in Henry the Navigator Square.

It has a fascinating mix of subjects – with some gruesome, deformed animal foetuses you might want to steer the grand-children away from.

The models of local life and fishing are well worth seeing.

The tour route round the museum ends in “The Golden Chapel” - it’s a truly amazing sight!

There is a small entry charge.

Museum - Termas Romanas da Luz

The "Roman Bath-house Ruins” are in the near-by town of Praia da Luz. (Take the “A Onda" Bus, Yellow Line 4.)  The ruins are beside the shore at the west end of the town centre.

The bath-house complex was built and developed over the 2nd and 3rd centuries. The remains were excavated in the late 1900’s.

Entry is free.

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